Monday, November 16, 2009

Monday, November 16


  1. I've had those days. Oh I've had those days.

  2. This page was such a downer, and I so hated reliving it while making the page, that it was one of the reasons I started putting off BG and falling behind! It was hard even 6 months afterward!

  3. I'm sure someone's already told you by now (possibly even your professor at the time), but man, you know you're not the only student who's cried in front of their professor, right? They constantly see students in various shades of panic, and it's not necessarily only the younger students, either.

    Also, I'm sure most professors, on getting stood up, would be like "Ok sweet, now I can catch up on some of that marking I was supposed to do last night." Either they take it personally, or, they understand that everyone's trying to juggle umpteen courses at a time and/or having an off day.

    That being said, you have guts for reliving it for the sake of Between Gears. I remember running after a bus in university that was pulling away, and falling down, and thinking "well, at least it's leaving. Anyone who saw me will be driven far away, I can clean up and take the next one." And THEN it stopped and waited for me O_O Point being, I'd hate to relive that scene in 'drawing a comic of it' form. Props to you!

    Also: Your professor calls everyone by their last name? Cool!