Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday, September 21

(And Marc Ellerby!! Thank you!!)


  1. Ohhh, What's Pi Phi??? (I'm a sophmore at UO this year, but I have no idea of anything going onn x____x)

    Great comics so far btw! I can totally relate to the loud music one x_x Maybe I WILL call the cops next time.

    D: I hope you aren't getting sick!! Drink lots of fluids!!

  2. Pi Phi is the nickname for Pi Beta Phi, the sorority I'm in. :)

    If the neighbors are out of control and they won't listen to you, you can call (541) 682-5111 and report them.

  3. /adds magical phone number to cell phone
    Awesome. Because I'm in an apartment complex, and fffffffstupid parties going on at 3 am x_x

    Pi Beta Phi, eh? :) Is it a cool sorority? My parents, and some friends, were telling me it's a good idea to get involved in one of those.

  4. Being in a sorority is a huge time commitment (exhibit 1: work week), but also a lot of fun.

    Actually, fall recruitment is coming up at Oregon! You can go to the ASUO office for an application if you'd like to go through recruitment (and that doesn't mean you have to join a house in the end). :) It's a lot less stressful as a sophomore.

  5. Cool :D I'll do that, thanks!!

  6. Marc Ellerby tweeted about you today, too. :)

  7. Really enjoying this so far, I think you have such a cute style. Hope to see you keep it up! ^.^ I must thank Marc Ellerby for tweeting the link.